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The American Preferred Mortgage Advantage

Move into Your Dream Home Quickly

If you’re ready to buy a new home, you’ll need to move fast in today’s market. Working with APM ensures you have a loan in place to make the best offer on your dream house.

Why Choose Us

We specialize in quick loans for the typical buyer.

If you have a stable job and you’re looking for an appropriate house for your budget, you shouldn’t need to pull together years of paperwork in order to get a loan: we help you jump right into the home buying process with a streamlined loan application that sets you up for success.

How We Help Realtors

Take a burden off your clients by partnering with a lender who can act fast on their applications. With your great advice, they’ll send their friends to you and seek you out when it’s time to sell their home in the future.

Get them in that dream home faster than anyone else by working with a mortgage company with a simplified, common sense process for purchasing and refinancing.

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